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Why is my lotsa lemon tree not setting any fruit

i have a lotsa lemon tree in a pot it is covered with flowers but they are falling off and no fruit is setting can you tell me why it has beeing fertilised with citrus fertiliser and is wartered every 2 days i do not let it dry out and the tree is very healthy no yellowering in the leaves

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Hi Raymond,

Usually the variety 'Lotsa lemons' is a reliable variety producing as the name suggests, lots of lemons. It is still early in the season and we are still experiencing quite low over-night temperatures. I am sure once the temperatures start to rise, the plant will produce many more flowers and I am sure there will be an abundant amount of fruit setting. You might like to check that the holes in the pot are not blocked and that the pot is not sitting in a saucer of water. As far as watering goes, only water when the plant needs it. You can check that this is so by placing your hand down the side of the pot and checking the moisture level. If it is moist, there is no need to water at this time. With regard to fertilising, only use a slow release fertiliser on potted plants. Do not use a granular citrus food for a potted plant as it is too strong and is likely to cause flower and leaf drop. I don't think you have a lot to worry about at this stage. I am sure if your citrus is in a protected warm spot in your garden, it will produce a good crop for you.



Answered: 12 Sep, 2012

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