Why do my Meyer lemons have thick pith

This year's Meyer Lemons have really thick Pith and are not so juicy. The older lemons from last year were lovely. Does the pith shrink as the fruit gets riper and juicier? It is almost as if we have 2 different kinds of lemons on the tree. I have checked to make sure the rootstock is not shooting, as I think this was a grafted tree. (It's not) My husband pees on the citrus trees as we heard this was good for them. Maybe he is peeing too much!! Hope you can shed some light for us!


03 December 2011 01:20 AM

Hi Annie,

Your Myer lemon would be a grated tree. The fruit from the understock would be a rough lemon and it would be very gnarled. The reason for lack of juice and a thick pith is likely to be a nutritional imbalance. Perhaps you have been applying a fertiliser that is too high in nitrogen and doesn't contain sufficient potassium. There are fertilisers that are specifically formulated for use on citrus trees such as Dynamic Lifter for Fruit & Citrus and Thrive Granular for Citrus. Both of these fertilisers are best applied in spring and then again in autumn to give your tree the necessary nutrients it will need to product good strong growth as well as lots of sweet juicy fruit. Hopefully your fruit next year will be what you are expecting from your Myer lemon tree.

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