Why are the leaves on my new lemonade tree pale and not growing

It has been fed and received plenty of rainwater. I think something is eating it or preventing healthy growth. I have fed it citrus food and dynamic lifter has been sprinkled around the garden recently. What could be the problem?


25 September 2012 02:16 AM

Hi Tania,

As you lemonade tree has only recently been planted, it will take a little while for it to establish in the spot where you have planted it. If you have planted your tree in a spot where it is protected from cold winds and it is in sun for most of the day, there is no reason why it won't do well. It has been a cold winter this year and I am sure as the days warm up, your citrus tree will respond. You have done the right thing as far as fertilising goes. Dynamic Lifter is an ideal fertiliser for citrus trees. You might like to place a mulch around the tree to conserve the moisture for the hot summer months ahead. I wouldn't be too concerned at this stage. Once the weather says consistently warm, I am sure your lemonade tree will power on.

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