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My lisbon lemon tree has lost leaves and why isn't it fruiting

This is my 4th attempt at having a viable lemon tree....all have's in a pot and has about 6 semi mature lemons, which look to have stopped growing Overall, i'm worried that i will loose this one just doesn't seem to be moving forward If it is wet roots, how can this be overturned? If not, what problem do i have in that leaves are falling off and i can't see any new leaf growth I will give up on trying to grow a lemon tree if this one fails thanks

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Hi Anthony,

Sorry to hear you are having problems in growing a healthy lemon tree. Lemons can grow quite happily in a pot so we will just have to see if we can get one growing well for you. I am not sure of the size of the pot your tree is growing it but it would need to be about 40 - 50cm in diameter. It also needs to be growing in a good quality potting mix - one that has red ticks which will give your tree a good start in life. The drainage needs to be good so ensure that there are enough drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Lemon trees take a little time to establish a good root system so don't be too eager for it to produce a lot of fruit in the first couple of years of its life. In fact, for the ongoing health of the tree, it is best to remove a lot of the young fruit that has formed and keep only a couple of lemons on the tree. If you overburden the tree with a lot of fruit, it may be too taxing on its health and the tree will suffer. Going into winter, the tree will not be putting on new growth so I wouldn't be too concerned that you can't see any new growth appearing on the tree. If the roots of the tree are too wet, it will drop its leaves. Make sure the pot is not sitting in a saucer and is elevated on some pot feet. As I mentioned before, drainage is very important so before you water the pot check the soil first to see if it needs watering. Citrus can suffer with root rot and crown rot and you wouldn't want that to happen. When spring arrives, fertilise your tree with a good quality citrus food such as Acticote for Pots, Planters & Indoor Plants. This fertiliser will supply the necessary nutrients your tree will need for good, healthy growth. Don't give up. I am sure you will be successful this time.



Answered: 5 May, 2013

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