Why are all the buds falling off my lemon tree

Live in Haberfield, Sydney.


22 November 2011 06:02 AM

Hi Angie,

What a shame that all those lovely new buds have fallen off your lime tree. It may not be insect attack. I am sure you would know if you have bronze orange bug or spined citrus bug. It could be that because of the wet, cold conditions we have been experiencing lately that the tree has decided to drop its flower buds. Limes really like a nice warm, protected situation in which to grow and lately the weather has been far from being warm. I am sure once the weather settles down and we experience extended periods of warm weather, your lime tree will produce more flowers and continue to produce more fruit. To help your tree recover, we can recommend that you apply a Yates product called Uplift. This is an excellent product containing, seaweed, fulvic acid, beneficial soil microbes and a wetting agent all combined to give your tree that boost it needs in a stressed situation.

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