How do I care for my Lisbon lemon tree

The leaves started fall off in summer because of too much water (in my opinion). Planted in the ground with clay soil. Transplanted into a big pot with and no new growth until early autumn, lots of new leaves growth and flower buds. The flower buds became small fruits then fell off (because the tree condition). The new growth/leaves grows very slow and they are still in small size. I use seaweed solution, yates uplift root booster, yates thrive soluble flower and fruit fortnightly. Fruit and citrus slow release fertiliser with trace elements, yates dynamic lifter for top dressing and cover it with sugar cane mulch. The branches are still green, no sign for turning brown/dark. Is this the root rot symptoms? I haven't checked the roots condition and i don't know how the roots look like if they got root rot. What best I can do for my first citrus tree?


11 March 2013 11:22 AM

Hi Ferry,

Would try to use less of the fertilisers, you don't need to use as many as you have mentioned.Using too much can cause leaf drop and eventual death. Check the drainage and make sure you have used a good potting mix that will allow the water to flow through and make sure that your sugar cane isn't too close to the trunk of the tree. You don't need to feed until the spring and choose either the soluble flower and fruit or the fruit and citrus slow release, you can use the seaweed solution to help with all round growth throughout the year. I hope this helps

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