Liquid Copper on Citrus (Meyer lemon)

My citrus had some leaf fall on a hot day and on closer inspection, most of the leaves showed blisters (as in the photo). I was told that it was probably a fungal infection. I applied Yates Liquid Copper on the leaves at the recommended rate for stem canker for citrus, but on second this might have been too much seeing that there are blue spots now that the liquid has dried. Should I wash off the residue? Have I damaged the plant/fruits?


08 March 2021 01:50 PM

Hi CL,

Thank you for contacting Yates. 

Looks like the citrus leaves are infested by sap-sucking insects. To control, try 'Yates Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray (Pyrethrum Plus Oil Pest Spray)'. Controls a wide variety on insects pests on many edibles and ornamentals.  
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The liquid copper is unlikely to cause any damage to the plant, so there is no need to wash off the solution. 

Hope this helps and happy gardening :)

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