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Why are the leaves of my lemon turning yellow

I recently bought a lemon tree and 2 weeks ago put it in the ground. The leaves are turning yellow and I'm not sure why - I thought maybe it was from too much water, but aside from a good water when I planted it, I haven't needed to water it much as it has been raining here recently and when I check the soil it seems moist enough. What should I do? I have uplift - would that help?

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Hi Jacelyn

Thank you for sending the photo of your citrus tree. The older leaves are showing signs of deficiency but at this stage, being winter, there is no point in adding citrus fertiliser to the ground. It would be best to wait until spring when the soils are warmer and the plant is be able to absorb the nutrients from the fertiliser. You mentioned having Uplift. Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser can be applied. It is an excellent product for newly planted trees. This product has been formulated to boost the growth of newly planted trees making the roots stronger leading to a healthier plant. In September you can apply a good quality fertiliser such as Dynamic Lifter Plus Organic Based Fruit Food. I am sure your tree will respond well by putting on new growth and producing flowers and fruit.



Answered: 28 Jun, 2013

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