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Why are the leaves of my Eureka lemon tree falling off

It is a young plant that I moved from pot to garden a year ago. Since then it has hardly grown despite being in a suitable location. What can I do? Would add a photo but website not currently letting me do so.

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Hi Kirk,

Sometimes it can take time for a tree to start growing again once it has been moved out of a pot. Lemon trees like to be planted in a warm sunny, well drained spot away from cold winds particularly during the cold months of winter. Even though it has been a year since you transplanted your lemon tree, if the stems are still green, it is still alive. At this stage, to encourage root development and help in the tree's recovery, you can apply a solution of Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate. One of the ingredients in this product is seaweed. Seaweed will stimulate the growth of your tree and promote strong, healthy roots. Look over your tree and eliminate any pests that may be present. I am sure will lots of care your tree will respond and by next spring it will be looking healthy once more.



Answered: 25 Jan, 2012

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