Eureka Lemon Plant in a container has blotchy yellowish spots on leaves.

I've Eureka Lemon plant growing in a container. It's prob 6 -8 mths old only. I can see there are few yellow blotchy spots on older leaves but there is a new growth as well all over the plant. I've fertilized 2 weeks ago using a complete care and used Epsom salt this week as well applied directly to the root. New growth has green vein/yellowish vein. Is this a deficiency of Iron/Manganese or Zinc or N? Thanks Kuldeep


25 August 2020 10:32 AM

Thank you for contacting Yates.

The new growth looks normal with light yellowish-green or purple in colour. Could you please forward a picture of the matured leaf with yellow blotches for further identification?

Looking forward to hearing back from you:)

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