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4 month old propagated lemon cuttings are losing their leaves

20cm cuttings, two or three leaves at the top in 10cm to 15cm pots, rooting powder, covered by clear plastic bags, in garage under skylight, watered once a week. Doing really well for over 3 months until 2 weeks ago when I put them out in the sun for the day without their plastic covers. Left the covers off and put them back in the garage. Some leaves started to curl, put the plastic covers back on and they recovered but then they started dropping their leaves. How do I fix them?

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The cause of the plants deterioration is due to an intense environmental shift - the plants were exposed to more light, heat, and less humidity than they were before.
For now, keep the plants in bright shade, keep the covers on, keep moist at all times as the cutting are likely to have minimal roots. Wait for more leaves to grow, and apply Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate to help with growth.

Every so often, you will need to check a plant or two to see how the roots are developing. If the roots are beginning to spread out and touch the sides of the pot, then they are growing well and can be potted up, and possibly moved outside.


When you do move the plants outside, you will need to gradually introduce them to the sun by first placing the pots in a bright but indirect sun position, then maybe morning sun, then part shade, and finally into full sun. This process will take place over the course of 1 year - best to wait until after late summer to start doing this.


Most citrus varieties are grafted onto strong and easily seed propagated rootstock. Citrus cuttings can be very difficult to strike from (vegetative) propagation, some more than others.



Answered: 30 Oct, 2021

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