What are common peach and nectarine pests

I have a peach tree badly affected by something I can't identify. First problem is brown spots on leaves that then go yellow and fall. Some leaves are being spun on and yet I can see no caterpillars or anything. Second problem is that all the fresh young end shoots on the twigs and branches are oozing gum, wilting and dropping. This is happening to a lesser extent on 3 nectarine trees as well. I have located only one insect so far. About 2cms long,a longish body not rounded, black with a bright red surround on the body segments. It has wings. I couldn't catch it to photograph but can't find anything like it on your website. Any ideas please?


13 January 2014 11:53 PM

Hi Susan,

Twigs and branches oozing gum can indicate gummosis or 'dead arm disease'. This fungus gains entry to the tree through pruning cuts. Prune off and dispose of all infected wood from which spores can be spread. Yates Liquid Copper can be sprayed in autumn, winter and then again in spring. Follow the directions on the label as to how much of the product should be use at specific times of the year. I have attached a link on gummosis which will give you more information. I do hope your trees improve with treatment and they remain viable fruit bearers in the future. http://www.herbiguide.com.au/Descriptions/hg_Bacterial_Gummosis_or_Canker_of_Stone_Fruit.htm

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