I have a Pixzee miniature peach tree growing in a pot. I found leaf curl.

I have pulled off the damaged leaves. My question is - is it too late now in mid to late October to apply copper hydroxide? I live in Melbourne. There are two small peach buds.


15 October 2020 03:51 PM

If your tree is showing signs of leaf curl, unfortunately, it is too late to treat. Correct timing is critical when it comes to treating this disease. You need to spray Yates Liquid Copper when the buds are swelling (usually late winter) but before and within a week of opening.

As you have experienced leaf curl this year, it's recommended that you spray all the stems and branches with Yates Liquid Copper in autumn at leaf fall, repeat at bud swell, and again a week later. For more information, click here: 


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