What are the best Magnolia trees?

I wish to plant a row of 5 magnolias on the northern side of my pool. I am considering St Mary, Little Gem or Kay Parris. -I am having trouble finding out what shapes they each grow into, also - I know the roots of the Little Gem are relitively non invasive but what about the other two? Thank you


13 November 2012 12:03 AM

Hi Danelle,

You do not mention how much space you have along side your pool for growing these magnolias. Over a period of time these specimens will grow quite tall and wide. I think it would be best if you contacted a grower of these magnolias and seek their best advice. I have attached a link for you. http://www.onlinetrees.com.au/p/6282801/kay-parris-magnolia-.html

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