Could you tell me the best way to propogate daphne cuttings

Is it the right time of the year to strike daphne? I would appreciate if you could tell me whether you strike them in sand or seed raising mix or any further details to help it be a successful strike would be greatly appreciated. Lorraine


28 October 2019 06:26 AM

Dear Lorraine,

Daphne cuttings are best taken from December-January, using wood of the current season's growth that has not flowered but has become firm. Insert the cuttings into pots of washed sand, or equal parts of sand and peatmoss. Cover the cuttings with glass or a clear plastic bag. Daphne can be propagated easily by layering. In January select a stem near ground level. Cut on an angle partly through the stem nearest the soil and place a matchstick in the cut to keep it open. Dig a shallow trench and peg the stem to the soil. Hope you enjoy taking the cuttings and growing more of this beautifully perfumed plant.

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