Why are the leaves of my japonica camellias bronzing off from the centre

Ask a question now...Most of my Japonica camellias have a bronzing of the leaves starting from the centre (not a burn). What could be causing this? Pest or disease? Some of them start with masses of spots/speckling which is probably a mite of some sort th


01 May 2019 06:55 AM

Dear Joanne,

The Camellia rust mite can cause discoloration of the leaves and the ribbed tea mite can cause badly infected leaves to take on a broze colour appearance. These mites are so tiny and only visible to the naked eye with a hand lense. It is therefore difficult to detect them in the early stage of infestation. There will be a fine webbing on the stems indicating their presence. This pest will build up in numbers during periods of dry weather. Overhead watering will help to control the population. Spraying with PestOil or Yates Thrive Vegie & Herb Pelletised Plant Foodduring spring and summer will also help to control this pest and hopefully prevent this bronzing on the leaves from occurring. As a precaution, inspect your camellia trees on a regular basis and keep them healthy by fertilising with a fertiliser especially formulated for camellias.

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