How do I kill moths attacking my orange palm dart and golden cane?

Mainly Golden Cane and Kentia palms being attacked. Sprayed prior to Xmas and can't see caterpillar activity on plants at present, but do have a large number of butterflies. What is the best time of year to apply and is reapplication neccessary and at what interval and number. Thanks for your help, Russell.


14 February 2012 12:00 AM

Hi Russell,

The orange palm dart will be controlled with Yates Success Ultra. The spray timing will often depend on the weather conditions as the warmer weather will decrease the length of the life cycle. When you start to see butterflies hovering around then generally the eggs will hatch approx 10-14 days (weather dependent). Once the caterpillars are present then spray at 7-14 day intervals. Try and spray the underside of the leaves as well as the top and spray late afternoon. The caterpillars will stop feeding quickly but may take up to 3 days to die. I have included a link to website with some further information of the palm dart.

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