Why are hte leaves turning brown on my Camellia Sinensis?

I have a young tea tree (bought from Bunnings a month ago, it is less than 4 months old). About a quarter of its leaves are starting to turn brown at the tips. It looks somewhat like if they had been burned. The plant is growing in a large pot in full sun with well fertilised soil, pH about 5. I believe there's a deficiency of some sort, please advise. Thanks!


13 January 2012 08:57 AM

Hi George,

If the camellia leaves are brown at the tips of the leaves this could be due to over or under watering. If you have a saucer under the pot I would recommend removing it to ensure the pot is not over watered. Test the soil either with a moisture probe or your finger prior to each watering. Camellias are also susceptible to rust mites and tea mites which cause leaf discolouration. How much fertiliser have you applied as most potting mixes contain fertiliser and a further application is not required until Autumn.

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