Please advise how to take hydrangea cuttings?

I have never attempted to grow Hydrangeas before but would like to have ago at it. Could you please give me some idea how to strike the cuttings and where is the best place to plant them out. I live at Fern Bay NSW not far from the water .My home faces the North East with the morning sun on the easterly side of the house. The ground here is mainly grey sand. Thank you.


12 December 2011 12:52 AM

Hi Margaret,

Hydrangea is a beautiful summer plant to have in your garden and of course it is always flowering at Christmas time which is a bonus. The fact that your house is facing north-east, is a perfect spot for growing a hydrangea. You may need to add some compost/organic matter to your soil to help improve the structure of the soil and retain the soil moisture for the hot weather ahead.I have attached a link which will help you in taking the cuttings:-

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