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How to prune or train a very lopsided camellia that we moved last spring?

Thriving well, growing and flowering, but very sparse growth on the side that was crowded in its old position

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The best way to ensure a plant grows balanced on all sides is to train it from a very young age, selectively pruning out side growing branches, tip pruning to improve bushiness, and pruning so most of the foliage from the top to bottom are exposed to light.

Unfortunately, you are starting with a plant that has already developed a lop-sided form which can be very difficult to fix. There are 2 tactics, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Gentle prune: Lightly tip-prune the side of the plant you want to bush up. However, as this side may be more woody with minimal side branching, it may not provide you with the desired end effect.


2. Harsh prune: Lop off the top of the plant and hope the plant grows in the direction you want. This can often be detrimental to plant health and survival, but, it is more likely to bush up nicely as it recovers.

Either way, ensure you prune with sharp pruning tools; keep well watered; and fertilise with Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver and Plant Fertiliser



Answered: 6 Aug, 2021

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