Why are there black spots on my roses

What should I do , Please help me? My Email address is trinhsat6@bigpond.com Your respecfully Nhung Day


24 October 2019 02:58 AM

Rose fungicide sprays will only work if the roses are healthy and properly fertilised. If soil pH is too acidic or too alkaline fertilisers may not be completely effective. Weak hungry plants will always have fungal problems and sprays are less effective. Roses need full sun position all day. A complete rose food used at least twice a year will make the plants stronger and we also recommend using sulphate of potash every month during the warm months and garden lime once a year. The potassium and calcium make the leaf cells stronger and help prevent the diseases. Regular applications of liquid seaweed also raise the immune responses in the plants. Roses require a lot of nutrition so don't hesitate to throw some compost or rotted manures or soluble liquid fertilisers every now and then. Never spray if the temperature is approaching 30 degrees or if the soil is dry. this will cause scorching.

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