Yates Weed 'n' Feed

Yates Weed 'n' Feed

Weed ‘n’ Feed is a weed control and fertiliser that can transform your grass from lacking to lush in just a few days.

Why use Weed 'n' Feed?

From morning dew to midday warmth, there’s nothing like the feel of lush green grass under bare feet. Big or small, front or back garden, your lawn is there to be played on, relaxed on, and enjoyed. But when weeds start to take hold, it can change how you use your grass. Scratchy, rough broad weeds and a dry patchy lawn change it from a place of escape to somewhere to be avoided.

We get it; time is tight. You don’t want to add anything more to your to-do list. Which is why Weed ‘n’ Feed is ideal; all you need to do is spray or sprinkle it on your lawn every six weeks to notice visible weed control of broadleaf weeds. The iron in the granular formula has a salt-burn effect, getting rid of flatweeds while leaving vertical blades of grass standing tall and green. The hose-on concentrates contain 2 different herbicides to provide broad spectrum weed control.  Its built-in fertiliser contains nitrogen to encourage lush green leaf growth, and iron to promote a rich deep green colour.

Which weeds does Weed 'n' Feed get rid of ?

Weed ‘n’ Feed is designed to control large areas of broadleaf weeds, such as clover, bindii, dandelions and thistles before they flower and set seed. Controlling these weeds when they’re young and in their early stages of growth is much more effective than waiting until they’re well established.

Which Weed 'n' Feed is right for me?

There’s a Weed ‘n’ Feed for everyone. Weed ‘n’ Feed is safe on most lawns, including Kikuyu, Couch and Queensland Blue Couch. Because Buffalo grasses are more susceptible to herbicides, Weed ‘n’ Feed Buffalo PRO has a different formula. This is suitable for use on lawns such as Sir Walter, Sapphire and Kings Pride, keeping them safe and green, while still effectively getting rid of weeds.

Both formulas are available in hose-on and granular applications. The granular application is easily applied by hand and sprinkled across the lawn. The liquid formula attaches to a hose, so you can start spraying straight away.

Whichever you choose, it means you have to spend less time doing the garden, and more time enjoying it.


How else can I make my lawn look great?

Regular mowing will keep your lawn looking healthy and lush. Use a mulching mower once a week during summer, and every three to four weeks during winter. This recycles grass cuttings back into the lawn, giving it extra nutrients. Don’t mow it too low though; mowing high and often will help your lawn stay thick and deep green.

Read more about our mowing advice and lawn care tips to get your lawn looking great all year round.

Enjoy your garden as its meant to be. Bare feet encouraged.