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Yates Couch Turf is a fine-leaved, warm season grass. It is finer than common couch but was bred with all the great qualities of a couch lawn. It's soft to touch and hard wearing.

Slabs of brand-new Yates Couch Turf will be available first in South East Queensland in spring 2021 and then become more widely available throughout Australia in 2022.

About Yates Couch Turf

It grows best in full sun (at least six hours of sun), where it develops a lush, dark-green colour that is retained throughout the year, even in the cooler months*, provided it is well cared for during the year. The root system is deep and extensive, allowing it to be more tolerant of drought, cold weather, and low-mowing heights.

Yates Couch Turf really is the perfect all-rounder lawn for your backyard.

*In comparison to common couch. Yates Couch Turf will brown with frosts but recovers quickly in spring.


Family friendly – perfect for kids and pets

Yates Couch Turf is a great lawn for both families and pets. Its soft, fine leaf blades feel luxurious underfoot, so it’s wonderful for barefoot play, rolling around, and weekend picnics. It may look delicate, but Yates Couch Turf develops deep roots and strong lateral growth (via stolons and rhizomes), enabling it to grow quickly and recover from extreme wear and tear. You won’t have to worry about yelling at the kids or pets to get off the lawn!



Easy maintenance

Yates Couch Turf is hard-wearing and self-repairing, once established. There’s no need to patch repair bare areas as its stolons and rhizomes will readily grow into those spots. All you will need to do is to rake the soil, water and the lawn will grow. 

Yates Couch Turf is drought tolerant once established. However, to maintain its lush, green looks, it’s a good idea to water regularly, particularly throughout the warmer months. Feeding with a complete lawn fertiliser, like Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food in spring, summer and autumn will also help keep it healthy, thick, and green. We also recommend using Yates Weed ‘n’ Feed once a season to help control any broadleaf weeds, like clover, dandelion, and bindii.

Yates Couch Turf is ideally mown at 15-25 mm but can be cut as low as 6 mm with a cylinder mower. Due to its fine-leaved texture, it makes the perfect bowling green or putting ground.



Built for Aussie conditions

Yates Couch Turf has a deep, extensive root system so it is engineered to be hard-wearing and tolerant of heat, drought, and cold conditions. Its root system allows it access to water that’s deep in the soil profile, so when there are extended dry periods over summer and watering is limited, the roots can tap into these underground reserves. This allows it to survive better through drought and bounce back faster once drought breaks.

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