Late Winter Weed Control

Have you sprayed your lawn for bindii and clover yet? Both these weeds are growing rapidly during late winter and will soon take over or set their nasty prickles that you’ll be cursing for months. So it’s time to act!

A quick and easy way to control both bindii and clover over large areas of lawn is with hose-on spray applicators. If you have a couch or kikuyu lawn, apply hose-on Yates® Weed’n’Feed®.

If you have a buffalo lawn, it’s important to choose weed killers that are safe for buffalo. Yates Buffalo PRO Weed’n’Feed has been specially designed for buffalo lawns.

Both Yates® Weed’n’Feed® and Yates Buffalo PRO Weed’n’Feed are available in large 4 L hose-on packs, which are ideal for treating large lawns.

For smaller areas, try granular Yates® Weed’n’Feed® which is applied over the lawn by hand. Alternatively, you can dilute Yates Lawn Weedkiller Bindii & Clover or Yates Buffalo PRO concentrates in a Yates Garden Sprayer to control patches of bindii and clover.

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