Don't let bindii keep you off your lawn

Don't let bindii keep you off your lawn

Do you remember tiptoeing painfully across the lawn last summer, trying desperately to avoid the bindii prickles? Or did your dog or children refuse to play on the lawn for fear of becoming a pin cushion? It’s time to prevent those future prickles and treat the lawn for bindii now.


Bindii & Clover

  • 'Broadleaf weeds' is a general term used to describe annual or perennial weeds with relatively large leaves (compared to grasses). Broadleaf lawn weeds can grow at a rapid pace during winter and take advantage of the lawn’s slower growth.
  • Two of the most troublesome broadleaf weeds in lawns during winter are clover and bindii.
  • Significant patches of clover can develop, crowding out the lawn, stealing valuable moisture and nutrients and ruining the neatly manicured lawn look we all love.
  • Bindii plants grow during winter, before maturing and starting to flower and set seed as the weather warms up in spring. The bindii seed heads are the nasty prickles, so it’s very important to kill the bindii in winter, before it produces flowers and seeds.

    Other Broadleaf Weeds 

    • Other common broadleaf lawn weeds during winter include catsear, capeweed, cudweed, lamb’s tongue, thistles and dandelions.
    • Many of these weeds have a strong and deep taproot, making them challenging to remove by hand.
    • Broadleaf weeds will spread if not treated. Winter is the perfect time to control them, before they have a chance to flower and set seed.


 Liquid Weed Control Solutions

  • For lawn lovers that like using a pressure sprayer, or may only have patches of weeds, a concentrated weedkiller is ideal. For common lawn types like kikuyu and couch, dilute Yates Lawn Weedkiller Bindii & Clover Concentrate in water in the sprayer, and apply over the weed affected areas. For buffalo lawns, use specially formulated Yates BuffaloPRO Weed Killer Concentrate, which is safe for use on buffalo lawns.
  • You can also control the most common broadleaf weeds in lawns in only a few minutes by using easy hose-on packs.
  • If you have broadleaf weeds in a couch or kikuyu lawn, apply hose-on Yates Weed’n’Feed. It contains a wetting agent to improve spray coverage and leaf penetration for a better weed kill result.
  • If you have a buffalo lawn, it’s important to choose hose-on weed killers that are safe for buffalo, such as Yates BuffaloPRO Weed’n’Feed. Visible weed control symptoms, such as leaf curling, can take a few weeks to appear.

 Granular Weed Control Options

  • Yates Weed’n’Feed and Yates BuffaloPRO Weed’n’Feed are also available in fast acting granules, which are applied over the lawn by hand. These granules are ideal for treating small patches of weeds or places where hose access is difficult.
  • How do the granules work? The granules contain concentrated iron, which has a salt-burn effect on broadleaf weeds. The large weed leaves receive a relatively severe burn compared to the vertical blades of grass.
  • Apply the granules onto moist grass when the weather is fine and still. Leave on for 2 days then water thoroughly.  The lawn will turn black for a few days but will recover.  Yates Weed’n’Feed and Yates Buffalo PRO Weed’n’Feed granules are also both rich in nitrogen to promote rapid  lawn greening.

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