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I have a syzygium australe hinterland gold hedge growing - about 1.5years. It is well mulched, fertilised and watered. I have about 70 of them and 4 of them have got branches dying on them, whilst the rest of the tree is healthy. The rest of the hedge is healthy. The dying trees are spaced apart. The are no obvious pests. Im worried that whatever it is will spread through the whole hedge. Any ideas?

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Hi Christine,

It is a little puzzling to know why this has happened to 4 of your lillypillies. There is definitely dieback showing on the one in the photo. If you are confident there are no pests present then it might be wise to consider that something if affecting the root system of the plant. I am sure the plants are well watered, but check the moisture level in the soil to make sure the roots of the plants are receiving enough water. There are soil wetter products you can use which will help to channel the water into the root system of your plants. Yates produce a product called Waterwise Soil Wetter. You should be able to pick up this product at any of the larger hardware stores or at your local nursery. To start with you will need to cut out the dead branches. This will help to initiate new growth on the stem. As a precaution, you can spray the foliage of the plants with a product called Anti Rot. Anti Rot is a systemic fungicide which controls phytophthora and root rot in ornamental plants. It works as a preventative and also as a curative to stop this fungal problem in its tracks. By spraying the product onto the foliage it is aborbed into the sap stream of the plant. The product then travels down to the root system to prevent the disease from taking hold. Spray the product every 4 - 6 weeks until the health of the plants return.



Answered: 4 Jan, 2014

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