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What insect is killing my little John Bottlebrush plant

Every year my Little John's get masses of insect eggs laid on them. The eggs are in bunches wrapped in spider web material. Coming in to spring the plants start to die so I manually pull off as many of the webs of eggs that I can see and the plants pick up. What can I spray on the plants to kill the eggs and stop whatever is laying the eggs from finding the little johns so attractive. This isn't happening to any other bottloebrush plants in the same garden.

Australian Natives • Pests

Hi Lynn,

The bottlebrushes are attacked by a webbing caterpillar and the brown egg like substance if their frass(or excretia). When you remove this you are probably also removing the caterpillar as well. Yates Success Ultra will control these caterpillars and try and apply as soon as you see the first sign of damage.



Answered: 21 Oct, 2011

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