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Why are the leaves on my Grevillea looking yello and burnt

I have two of these ground covers that have been grafted onto a Oak Tree trunk. No problem with other which is flourishing nicely. Both are still flowering but branches on problem one look like they are dying. Have pruned both regularly.

Australian Natives • Diseases

Hi Jan,

Thank you for the photo of the grevillea. It does look as though it may be a fungal disease which usually appears when we experience humid conditions. I have attached a link which gives a description of this fungal problem. Leaf Spots/Blights Grevilleas can become infected with cercospora and phyllostica, two fungal diseases that favor humid conditions. Symptoms of phyllosticta include premature yellowing of leaves and the appearance of round or irregular gray, brown or black spots. Some spots may leave holes in the leaves when they drop out. Small, black fruiting bodies can be seen in the older spots. Leaves on cercospora-infected plants turn bronze or light brown, then gray with fuzzy spore-bearing fruiting bodies. Cercospora usually attacks the inner leaves first and, eventually, as the dead leaves drop, the only leaves left are those at the tips of the branches. Fungicides aren't usually needed for phyllosticta infections, but are available for treating cercospora.



Answered: 7 Mar, 2012

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