Will Weed'n'Feed harm my rabbits

I want to use the Weed'n'Feed on my lawns but it says it's not safe to feed clippings to livestock. Will it be safe for my rabbits to eat the grass once it has been treated?


24 October 2019 06:18 AM

Dear Michelle,

In respect to rabbits, being a grazing animal, and the use of the Weed n Feed Hose-on product on your lawn area, it is important to put your rabbit in a safe place while you are applying the product. You will then need to keep your rabbit off the grass for a minimum of 7 days plus one mowing (clippings removed). The rabbit can then be let back on the grass area. If you are using the Weed n Feed Granular product, keep your rabbit off the grass area for 2 days and after you have watered in the product at that time, you can then let your rabbit back on the grass. The product should be thoroughly watered in before the pet is allowed to re-enter the area.

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