What type of weed is this in my lawn as it has spaghetti like roots?

have HAD this weed in lawn & GARDENS FOR YEARS. has recently flourished..it has spaghetti type roots. the lawn is mainly buffalo and some couch and weeds but looks good mown. .have spot treated with zero but cant use that in lawn. cant dig it out as there is too much. is there anything that i can spray with that wont kill the lawn . i can only attach one picture..the weed seem to be common in sandy areas near beaches...I am 10km from beach


20 February 2015 10:24 PM

Looks like you have kernel curse or pennywort (Hydrocotyle bonariensis). This is classified as an environmental weed in NSW, because of its invasiveness and potential harm to native species. Digging it up is rarely effective as it readily regenerates from root fragments. The most effective control in your situation will be to use the Yates Zero Weeding Brush to apply Zero to the pennywort leaves while leaving your grass unaffected. Pennywort has a waxy coating making it hard for some weed killers to penetrate the foliage so you may need to use undiluted Zero concentrate to obtain an effective result

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