What product removes weeds from Empire Zoysia lawn

I have already purchased the liquid weed and feed hose in product but the product information does not state whether it is suitable for empire zoysia, so I have not used it yet. Many of the weeds are clover like weeds so I imaging that I should use the bindi and cover weed concentrate - can you let me know if this is suitable and if I should use the two products simultaneously.


02 October 2012 03:13 AM

Hi Conrad,

Yates have a number of products that are suitable for removing broadleaf weeds in lawns. These herbicides have been tested on a number of grasses but they haven't been tested on zoysia grass. It appears that zoysia is tolerant to common herbicides. I have attached a link for you to read. http://www.empireturf.com.au/empire-turf-characteristics.html You could always call the supplier of your turf to see what they use and what they recommend.

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