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What other grass is invading my Tall Fescue Bravo lawn

I took a picture of it and it seems to grow in differant spots around the whole lawn. I dont know if its a weed or lawn but it stands out when there is frost on the lawn. It seems to come out easy if you pull it out and is in some spots where the soil is a little bit lower. Could it be moss. Can you help me out? Do I need to feed it now as I feed it mid March.

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for sending the photo. It does appear to be a rogue grass whose seed has germinated and is now growing amongst your lawn. It is not moss and it is not a broadleaf weed. It could be winter grass. It is a little difficult to see from the photo. Most lawn herbicides that are available will control broadleaf weeds in a lawn area but they will not eliminate other grasses other than winter grass which is considered to be a weed in turf grasses. There is a control for winter grass but it is only suitable for spraying on couch and buffalo lawns. If this grass is easy to pull out then it could well be winter grass. I would continue to hand pull now. Never allow it to flower in the spring as it will drop its seeds and you will have even more of this weed the following season.



Answered: 3 May, 2013

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