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What lawn should I plant in Bendigo, I only want to water once a week in summer

lawn that will only need watering once a week in summer, would the All season lawn seed be suitable, kikuyu and couch are not suitable as the severe frosts burn them off turning them yellow and brown, I want a lawn that will be green all year

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Dear Brian,

For the area in which you live, where temperatures can range from -4 in winter to 40 degrees in summer, we would recommend the Yates LawnSmart All Season Lawn Seed. This box of seed contains a combination of Mustang 11 Tall Fescue, Annual Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass and Creeping Red Fescue. All of these species of grass seed will be able to handle the wide range of temperatures that you experience in the area in which you live. In particular the Mustang 11 Tall Fescue (80% content in packet) will have no problem coping with temperatures -4 degrees and lower. This particular seed also has the ability to develop a deep root system, which gives it superior drought tolerance compared to may other cold-tolerant lawn grasses. You will find on the packet 4 easy steps on how to successfully sow a new lawn. Best sowing results are achieved in early autumn to allow development of a deep root system prior to the first summer. You can sow the seed in spring but more watering will be required to establish the lawn throughout the summer months. Keep the seed moist at all times. This may require watering several times a day particularly when it is hot and windy. Trust you will enjoy growing a new lawn and it will be a show piece for all to admire and enjoy.



Answered: 18 Aug, 2011

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