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I have empire zoysia turf and have random clumps of clover in the lawn. I want to use a concentrate weed and feed i can mix up. Yates products do not list zoysia turf. Which product is the best to use on my zoysia turf as a weed and feed? The buffalo type or kikuyu type weed and feed?

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Zoysia is tolerant of a wide range of weedkillers including Yates Weed'N'Feed Hose-On (actives MCPA and Dicamba plus fertiliser). This product can be applied using the Hose-On applicator (which is also the lid), or, mixed in a watering can.

If you wanted a concentrate product, you could also apply Yates Bindii & Clover Weeder Concentrate (actives MCPA and Dicamba), then wait 7 days, then apply a lawn fertiliser such as Yates Lawn Fertiliser.

While either product is safe to use on Zoysia, we recommend applying Yates Bindii & Clover Weeder Concentrate and applying it to small areas where weeds are most prevalent, and avoid spraying the entire lawn unless necessary.

More tips:

- Ensure the the soil is not compacted and the lawn is well watered in the days leading up to applying a weedkiller

- Best apply in spring and autumn

- repeat every 3 weeks if necessary

- do a test patch first, wait a week, then see if you are happy with the results apply to the rest of the lawn

- do not mix products in a sprayer that has previously been used with a non-selective weedkiller such as Glyphosate. 



Answered: 31 Jul, 2021

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