How do I get rid of kurnell curse in my buffalo lawn?

what is the best way to get rid of Kurnell Curse ,it is quite wide spread in my buffalo lawn, I have tried fertilising the lawn,hoping it would thicken up and choke it , the weed only got stronger. the wax coating seems to shrug of any herbicide


01 February 2011 05:37 AM

Dear Bernie,

This is a terrible weed to get under control and unfortunately there is no easy fix. There is no selective spray that will kill the weed in a lawn area. Zero Glyphosate can be applied directly to the weed itself,avoiding any contact with the surrounding buffalo grass. When you mix the glyphosate in water, add a few drops of a surfactant, such as liquid washing up detergent which help penetrate the leaf surface and make the herbicide more effective. It may take time to get this weed under control and you will need to apply several applications of Zero Glyphosate Weedspray

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