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How can I get ridk of Khaki weed from a large size lawn

I have a huge carpet of khaki weed which I am trying to dig out. There is so much of it though, that it seems like a never ending job. Any suggestions please?

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Dear Denise,

This is a persistent nasty weed that you can do without in your garden. Yates have 3 products that you can use to eliminate this weed. You will need to apply the product when the weed is in its seedling stage before it develops its prickly burrs. MCPA and Dicamba are the suggested active ingredients to control this weed. Both of these actives are in Yates Zero Bindii & Clover Weeder. You will need to add a wetting agent to the solution and ensure that the soil is moist at the time of application. Yates Zero Rapid 1-Hour Action Weedkiller Gel can be sprayed directly onto the weed. You will see visible signs of yellowing after 1 hour but do not disturb the weed for 1 weeks after spraying to allow the chemical to be translocated down to the root system. This weed has a particularly strong tap root, so you may have to repeat the spray. Again this is best done in the seedling stage for effective control.



Answered: 17 Feb, 2019

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