Hi, i live in Melbourne, need to confirm if the if weed and feed is suitable and if this is right time to use

I have attached a picture of current state if my lawn and another of the patches of weeds growing. I have clover weed and then the attached picture looks like chickweed. Can you confirm if this is chick weed and if weed and feed liquid will control the growth of chickweed (If it is chickweed) and if this is the right time to spray at start of spring (almost)


26 August 2020 10:13 PM

Yes, this is chickweed and no, Weed n Feed is not registered to control it. Treat with our Weedkiller for Lawns Spot Spray (note NOT for buffalo lawns), following the directions on the bottle:

Autumn/winter is the ideal time to treat your lawn for weeds, before they flower and set seed.

Only one photo of the weed came through.

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