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Is Yates Buffalo pro safe to use on my back lawn when I have 2 dogs?

I have 2 miniature labradoodles who spend some time in the backyard and sometimes lick the water from the grass. My lawn has a lot of weeds and I would like to get rid of them but not harm my dogs. Is there a better product?... My grass is sir Walter. I think it has become so bad because the man who mows my lawns has a mulching mower and the clippings remain on the grass and I think this spreads the weeds.

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Hi Debra,

It is important to put your labradoodles in a safe place inside your house while you are spraying your lawn. When you have finished spraying, walk back and check that the grass is completely dry. It is then safe to allow your dogs back on the lawn area.



Answered: 3 Oct, 2014

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