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After Weed n Feed when can I aerate, reseed, fertilse?

I live in on farm so have some large aggressive capeweed in the garden- will it need a 2nd spray/; Any other advice you can give? Thank you

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Dear Brian,

Is it the hose-on Weed n Feed you are using or the Weed n Feed Granular? If it is the hose-on Weed n Feed product, wait 7 days after applying the product before mowing and fertilising. It can take up to 3 weeks for the weeds to completely die. There is no need to dig out the dead weeds as the roots will be completely dead. The fertiliser in this product will green up your lawn. You can use a lawn fertiliser after 7 days if you wish as this will help to strengthen the root system of the grass and hopefully prevent any weed seeds from germinating and also enable the grass to run over those bare patches where the weeds have been. The Weed n Feed product should be used in early Spring and then again in Autumn. If you are applying the Weed n Feed Granular, apply this product evenly over a moist lawn when the weather is fine. Leave it on the grass for 2 days, then water in thoroughly after that time. The flat weeds will be burned out during this 2 day period. Watering after 2 days will release the iron and nitrogen which will be absorbed by the root system to provide strong green growth. You can aerate the lawn and apply again at 6 weekly intervals. Remember to keep children and pets off the area until the product has been watered in. I noticed that you said you live on a farm. When applying these products don't allow any grazing animals on the area for a specific period of time. With the hose-on Weed n Feed. grazing animals should be kept off the area for a minimum of 7 days + one mowing (remove clippings). With the Weed n Feed Granular, grazing animals should be kept off the area until the product has been thoroughly watered in.



Answered: 6 Oct, 2019

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