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Pool water damage to lawn and soil (salt and chlorine), pool pipe burst under surface.

I have had pool water leak on my lawn and through the soil (salt and chlorine) I have applied a layer of weed and feed, but how best can I recover the lawn that is starting to go brown.

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It would be best not to add any products to the area as this can further exacerbate the issue. An excess or build-up of salts in the soil can cause plants to be stunted, grow poorly or worse, dieback. 

It is best to irrigate the area to help flush out the salts. This may take a while, depending on how much salt/chlorine was pumped into the area. 

If you have warm-season grass, like couch, kikuyu or buffalo, then it's possible to encourage it grow back. However, it's best to wait until the weather warms up as that's when the lawn is actively growing. Rake to remove the dead grass and to help loosen the soil. Give the lawn a feed with an organic lawn fertiliser, like Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food and water in well. This will encourage the lawn surrounding the affected patch to grow in and take over the bare patch.



Answered: 29 Jul, 2021

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