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How do you kill onion weed and purple clover?

I have rampant onion weed and a purple clover looking weed amongst Standard Roses, Korean box and Mondo grass. I have read on your forum that Zero with dish washing liquid can be applied to onion weed. I have also read that multiple layers of newspaper will also help. Will the newspaper damage my soil quality and affect the plants in the garden? Can you also recommend a selective spray for the purple clover looking weed that is all through the Mondo (see photo attached)? Many thanks Cameron

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Hi Cameron,

You have both creeping oxalis and onion weed in your garden beds. We would suggest that you mix up a solution of Yates Zero and spray both of these weeds. You will need to be careful not to let the spray go onto any of your plants as it is a non-selective spray and will kill any foliage it touches. You can use the newspaper to suppress the weeds that are there. The newspaper will break down over a period of time and will not harm the soil in your garden beds. Getting rid of the oxalis in your mondo grass unfortunately is not an easy task. You can either hand weed it out or paint some of the Zero Weedspray onto the oxalis be careful not to let it touch the foliage of the mondo grass. A very careful job. Good luck.



Answered: 18 Sep, 2013

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