Should I plant Thornless Waldo (compact) Blackberry in a pot or in my vege patch

Is this best grown in a pot, or part of my new vege patch. Have just been told Blackberries are a weed and take over, send up shoots everywhere. As I've purchased this from our local hardware store, surely this isn't the case. Please supply me with the facts about this plant. Thankyou.


17 August 2011 06:33 AM

Dear Cheryl,

The blackberry 'Waldo' that you have purchased is a thornless variety of blackberry and is suitable to grow in the home garden. It is a non-weedy variety of blackberry. From the information that is available, it appears that this variety crops heavily with large fruits that have exceptional flavour. Rubus fruticosus is considered to be a weed. It is the scrambling type of blackberry with prickly stems and one that seeds readily. These seeds are then distributed in the wild by birds and other animals. This variety of blackberry is not sold in nurseries. Enjoy the fruits of your 'Waldo' blackberry this summer.

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