What is the best time to spray apple trees for codling moth?

what is the best time to spray apple trees for coddling moth


09 June 2013 11:47 PM

Hi Ray,

Yates Success Ultra can be used to control codling moth. Start spraying in early spring during early flower bloom and early fruit set. Codling moth eggs hatch once temperatures are above 15 degreesC. Spray the entire tree every 7 - 14 days, as there can be sevral generations of codling moth each year.To help break the codling moth lifecycle, in addition to spraying its important to destroy any affected fruit. Also, wrapping a wide band of corrugated cardboard around the trunk of ythe tree can trap the caterpillars as they travel down to the soil to pupate. inspect the cardboard fortnightly and destroy any caterpillars or pupae. To protect the fruit once it has formed, there are, what are called, apple pouches which are placed over the fruit to prevent the larvae of the codling moth from doing any damage. There are also traps that are available that will attract and trap both the male and female moths. Your local nursery or hardware store will have these products available.

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