Apple Dimpling Bug Control in Your Garden

Hemiptera : Miridae : Campylomma liebknechti

Apple Dimpling Bug (Campylomma liebknechti) is a native sap-sucking insect that damages the fruit of Apple and Nashi Pear trees. Apple Dimpling Bug occurs across most of southern Australia but does not occur in Tasmania. A related Tasmanian species (Niastama punctaticollis) also called ‘Apple Dimpling Bug’, causes similar problems in Tasmania.

Apple Dimpling Bug is of great importance to the fruit industry, because the damage the bug causes renders fruit unsellable. In the home garden it is not so critical, because the flesh of the fruit is not affected. In other words, you can still eat the fruit. In cotton crops Apple Dimpling Bugs have been recorded feeding on moth eggs and Mites (making them predators), but they still feed on cotton (making them a pest). There is no evidence of Apple Dimpling Bugs being predators in home gardens.

Image above: damage caused by Apple Dimpling Bug (image courtesy of Denis Crawford)

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