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How do I reduce the height of my tamarillo?

My tamarillo is now about 10 ft high - how hard can I prune it? It had a good crop which is now finished but I would like it to be more manageable. Judith

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Hi Judith,

How lovely for you to have a tamarillo growing in your garden. This tree grows 2 - 3 metres when fully grown. It can be pruned in the early stages of its development. As you would be aware, its main fruiting time is autumn/winter. Even though it has now finished fruiting, it would be wise to wait until early spring before pruning just in case severe cold weather/frost appears and the new foliage that shoots from pruning could be damaged. For the first pruning this year, do a conservative prune as the fruit is borne on the current season's growth. Each spring prune your tree back to a manageable height and this way you will get the tree to the height that is manageable for you. Happy gardening and enjoy the delicious fruit from your tree.



Answered: 3 Jul, 2013

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