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What plants would you recommend to plant as a hedge to have flowers all round colour?

I am thinking of alternate plantings (summer flowers / winter flowers) to ensure I am getting close to flowers year round. I am thinking of Acmena Smithii (Allyn Magic), Escallonia Pink Pixie, Comprosma Fireburst, Comprosma Evening Glow, Hebe Rakaiensis, Diosma and Berberis Little Favourite. What do you all think and what are some of your suggestions - I am in Belrose in Sydney. I am thinking of picking two to do the alternate flowering thing - thus flowers in both the cooler months and the warmer months.?

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Hi David,

I think your selection of shrubs is particularly good. The Escallonia has a good sturdy, glossy leaf which looks extremely attractive and works well as a hedge. The Coprosma is hardy, drought tolerant and lends itself to being pruned into an attractive hedge. Hebe and Diosma are old favourites in the garden and perform well as a hedge. I think it is matter of seeing which ones go well together, looking at the size and texture of the leaf and the flowering pattern. Have fun planting out your hedge.



Answered: 15 May, 2013

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