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Are gymea lily ok to plant next an inground pool in a planter box? How big do they grow? Are the roots large

I have purchased a house that has a planter box right next to the inground tiled pool. It has 5 gymea lillies and they are all about 1.5 - 1.8M tall. I'm concerned they may be a problem with the pool, and wonder if I should replace them. They have also developed more plants (I think you call them pups)

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Hello Wendy, thanks for your question. Gymea Lily's are not invasive plants nor have very large root systems - they actually grow from an underground bulb. They'll perform well in the planter boxes that you have; consider regular applications of Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser in Autumn and Spring to keep their leaves strong, green and striking. They can get taller than 2 metres in their natural environments, but in home garden settings in planter boxes, they don't get much larger than what yours are now. If any leaves start to droop down too low, to keep a neat, upright shape, you can cut away lower spent leaves using clean and sharp secateurs. 



Answered: 15 Feb, 2022

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