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Elk horn fern - pest creating spore looking webbing

My elk horn fern looks like it has LOTS of brown spore, but where the spore is very dense, the top side of the leaf is looking terrible - like it’s sucked dry and blotchy. The leaf at that point is limp as well. When I look at the spore, It’s got a lot of webbing in it. I’m wondering if it’s spore at all or a bug that has burrowed into the leaf I have sprayed with Yates Pest Oil and cut off the affected areas. Is there anything else I should do? Can you identify the pest? The fern is inherited from my beloved parents and I would hate for it to die

Flowers and Ornamentals • Pests

Don't worry!  The elk won't die!  It just needs a little tidy up.
It looks like the elk horn has been attacked by leaf miner.  Unfortunately, we do not have a product in our range to treat this pest.  We recommend cutting off the damaged leaves and putting them in the bin to reduce the spread of this pest.
Elks do best if attached to a south or east facing wall - they will burn in afternoon sun.
The elk will product new leaves.  They do well if fed with banana peel sliced into tiny pieces inserted in the top of the plant where the plant attaches to the backing board.  



Answered: 16 May, 2022

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