Can you identify what is eating my elk horn. I can’t see an insect on it but have noticed these clumps?

I have a mature elk horn and a new one. The new one’s leaves have been almost completely eaten. The mature one seems to be fairing ok but I’m worried something is inside that I can’t see. There are lots of clumps around the fronds on both of maybe poo/casings/something?


25 February 2021 01:20 PM

It looks like your elkhorn may be under attack by the larvae of the staghorn beetle. This beetle lays its eggs near the tips of the fronds. The larvae then tunnels inside the foliage causing the leaf to blister and dry out. 

We do not currently have a product registered to control the staghorn beetle. Hand removal is the only option. Check your plants in the morning, remove and destroy them.

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