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Please advise on the best way to plant sweet peas in pots, I live in SE QLD?

I realise I need support up to 2 meters but what size pots to I need for 3 to 4 plants. What should the pot be made of? Should I use that matting material? The directions are to use blood and bone and lime. Is that necessary with good potting mix and if so what is the volume to volume dose. Will it be okay to plant a mix of different varieties? I am starting the seeds in seed raising mix and have been advised to plant out at 6 weeks, is this correct? Also If the B&B and lime additives are required should you leave it a week before planting the seedlings. Out of breath now. Trace

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Dear Trace,

The time to sow Sweet Peas in your area of Qld is late autumn. I feel the Sweet Peas you should be growing are those suited to a pot situation. Yates have three low growing varieties specifically suited for containers, window boxes and garden beds e.g. Bijou Semi Dward, Potted Fragrance Semi Dwarf and Pixie Princess Dwarf. They don't need to be staked and will give you a beautiful display of flowers. Use a good quality potting mix for your pots. You can incorporate some Blood & Bone into the mix before sowing the seed. Moisten the soil before sowing the seed and cover with some seed raising mix and firm down. Do not water for a couple of days after sowing. Select a pot that is about 50 - 60cm in diameter (can be plastic or terracotta) and space the seeds about 6 -7cm apart. Once the plants have established you can apply a soluble fertiliser, Yates Soluble Flower & Fruit fertiliser. If you have purchased established seedlings from your nursery you can still plant them out now even though it is later than usual and hopefully they will flower for you. Remember to fertilise regularly to keep your plants flowering. The taller varieties of Sweet Pea would need a trellis to climb on and are better suited to a garden situation.



Answered: 18 Aug, 2019

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